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Festive domestic violence an issue that needs tackling

Christmas is a strange time of the year, which certainly pulls the emotions closer to the surface, making us reminisce over the 12 months gone by, but also asks, what of the future?

Whilst for those of us relatively happy in our lives, Christmas is a lovely time to be with family and friends, there are those who look upon the holiday period with nothing short of dread….and with good cause.

The hideous spectre of domestic abuse looms large for many as the season approaches,  and it’s a time when matters generally get worse rather than better.

In strained relationships, being in the same home together for longer than normal – with the over indulgence of food and alcohol can create conditions for explosive situations.

For people living in abusive relationships, the festive season can be far from joyous, with an insult here or there, leading to angry exchanges and sometimes physical assaults making Christmas a far from happy time.

So, it’s little wonder that the charity Refuge supports around 6,000 women and children over this spell, and these victims come from all walks of life.

Being family law experts in Staines we assure you that living in such a leafy commuter belt town does not mean that these issues don’t arise here.

However, Christmas is a time of hope and there are many examples we can recall of people who have escaped the most hostile of situations and gone on to rebuild their lives.

Domestic abuse whether physical or not needs to be rooted out and dealt with as it causes such extreme misery. Everyone has the right to leave in peace without fear for their emotional/ mental or physical safety

There is great help in place from charities, such as Refuge, who can hold the hand of people in a dark place and lead them carefully to a safer path.

We hope you are not affected by domestic abuse, but if you are there is help available if you can find the strength to leave. If you know someone who you believe is subjected to such behaviour, we ask that you are there to support them.

Domestic abuse is a subject that needs constant highlighting, at Christmas and all year round.

If you wish to talk to us confidentially about how we can assist, then please call our family law team on 01784 464 491 – your first 30 minute appointment is free of charge. Please don’t suffer in silence, we are here to help you.