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Fictitious affairs demonstrate a new divorce system is needed

A recent report highlighting ‘white lies,’ in order to get a quick divorce shows that it’s time for our out-dated divorce system to have an overhaul.

The Nuffield Foundation, found only around 3 in 10 respondents gave honest answers in our fault-based divorce system, when they split up.

As things currently stand you could have a couple who no longer have anything in common and want separate lives, yet our divorce system means that in order for them to move on to the next chapter of their life, they have to be creative with the facts. Call it white lies or outright lies – either way, it’s a cry for help for a divorce system stuck in the dark ages.

The recent report showed that not only can adultery can be falsely claimed and admitted, but dates of separation may be massaged to show the parties have been apart for over two years.

We at Dale and Newbery believe fault-based divorces can create issues between partners whose relationship is over.

The UK is a tolerant country, but despite solicitors frequently stating that no fault divorce needs to be enshrined in law, change has yet to come.

Our nearby neighbours, Spain have allowed couples to legally part without blame for a very long time, so why can’t we?

A Private Members Bill introduced in 2015 seeking no fault divorce was unsuccessful, and since then the issue has been put on a backburner.

Yet, laws have to progress to accommodate the reality of life and we believe this report has cranked up the pressure to bring the debate back to Parliament.

We know we are not alone in saying that we hope a 21st overhaul of divorce laws takes place sooner rather than later and couples no longer have to tell tall tales, so they can put a marriage that is no longer working behind them, as quickly as possible.

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