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Why solicitors still needed in DIY age of wills

In this information age, it is fair to say that there are some tasks that a novice can carry out themselves, which 20 years ago would have seemed impossible.

Nowadays, all you need to do is run a search on Google, and there will be some tutorial explaining how to do it – whatever it is.

This has empowered us all, but there can be dangers as well.

The law is, of course, not immune to the advancements of the digital age and has had to re-adjust.

One such area is Wills. At one time, it was taken as read that the local high street solicitor was the obvious person to go to, but tapping into the Web will see that this is not always the case.

Whilst, of course, we have a vested interest, anyone researching this area will find that a solicitor is still the safest place to go to for a Will because they are highly regulated, very experienced and also offer storage, so many will still see  that solicitors are the best place to make a Will.

In the big scheme of things though, the cost paid to a solicitor to do a Will and manage the whole execution of an estate is generally reasonable.  However, what is also an option, if you are tempted to do some ground work yourself, is to speak to a solicitor and see if they can do some of the trickier bits.

This is known as unbundling. In other words, the components are separated and law firms, like ourselves at Dale and Newbery can help when needed.

This could include – Applying for probate, drafting deeds of variation, inheritance tax, are all areas generally considered, in legal circles to be beyond the comfort zone of many of the general public, be it in Staines or elsewhere in the country.

We appreciate that this is an area that many law firms don’t broach, but as a progressive firm, we want to move with the times and give our clients the services they want, so if you are struggling with some elements surrounding estates, wills and trusts, but are happy to do some of the work yourselves, then we are happy to work alongside you.

Dealing with such matters, often at times of great stress, needn’t be done alone, we are here, so just pick up the phone or drop us an email at Dale and Newbery in Staines, we are happy to help.