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Danger of unregulated Wills cannot be underestimated

For high quality law firms looking out for their clients best interests, there are few things as concerning in this modern age than the fact that many of the public are still unaware of the pitfalls surrounding writing a Will.

Many will be unaware that Will writing remains unregulated, which can have extremely damaging and long last consequences for families.

It has been an issue that has been a bug bear of the high end of the legal profession for many years, but from time to time we feel it is only right that this is highlighted.

After all, we have often described writing a Will as the most important document a person will ever make and it saddens us to see potentially a lifetime’s assets left behind without the wishes of the deceased being adhered to in the form of a Will.

Yet, frustratingly, many people decide to place the making of this document in the hands of unqualified will writers who don’t have the legal knowledge and expertise that a solicitor will have, and who could also have disappeared if you need to challenge them over the quality of the Will.

At Dale and Newbery, we thankfully have many who make a Will with us as trusted legal partners in Staines when they are doing conveyancing, or going through a change in their circumstances, like a divorce.

Also, we find many word of mouth recommendations also introduce us to new people who want this vital document to be legally watertight.

We are pleased to see that reputation still counts for so much, but there are still too many leaving their Will to chance. Simply put, solicitors are:-

  • Regulated, which means that highest standards are maintained.
  • Insured, in rare instances where something should go wrong, the client will not lose out.
  • Qualified and well trained and many will like us at Dale & Newbery have years of experience of Will drafting and estate administration.

Unfortunately, this is a message that still has to be voiced loud and clear from the legal community. This is especially true in a changed world, where there are many more complex family structures than a generation or two ago.

Choosing a solicitor for your Will in Staines or elsewhere in the UK is the wise choice and you can also find related advice in areas like inheritance tax and long term care and powers of attorney.

If you feel making your will is long overdue and want to know more please do not hesitate and contact us now so we can ensure you have that peace of mind.

Also, please spread the word about the issues of cheap and not so cheerful wills. It’s too important a matter to be ignored.