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Firm’s work from home deal shows changed post pandemic employment world

With the grip Covid 19 had on the nation finally now having loosened, we find ourselves in a very different world compared to a couple of years ago.

Of course, it is still early days, and we are yet to completely see how the pandemic has changed the world, but unquestionably the subject of working from home will continue to be a hot topic.

With this in mind, it is interesting to note that a large corporate law firm has proposed a newsworthy solution for their workforce who wish to cut continue working from home.

They have told staff who wish to work at home that they can do, but for 20% less salary. It certainly is food for thought, saving time and money on commuting, lunches on the go etc. It will also save on company office space.

The firm don’t expect many of the staff to take up the offer, but it does add another strand to the debate, with companies and workforces looking at the world so differently before most of us had heard the word coronavirus.  

Being employment law experts, amongst our legal specialities, and Staines and the surrounding region very much London commuter belt, it does raise the questions around what your employment rights are if you wish to continue to work from home.

Simply put, unless a contract stipulates a working from home agreement then there is no right.

That said, employees have the right to request flexible working, which also incorporates times and venues to work.

However, your boss does have the right to refuse your request.

All said and done though, there is unquestionably an appetite for working from home, which will continue to stoke debate.

We now see a very different workforce, wanting a very different world from the one we used to know, so whilst the world goes back to normal, it will never be quite the same.

If you need any help or advice around employment law issues, contact our expert team at Dale & Newbery who are happy to help.