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Is the New Year really the final straw for many marriages?

Within the legal profession it has been a long running narrative that the festive season is the end of the line for many a difficult relationship.

It is certainly a pattern that has merit as it is the time of the year that many disenchanted people decide once the festivities are over that they need to see a solicitor.

Whilst there are not any factual statistics regarding a rise in divorce enquiries, we as family law experts in Staines, most definitely do see a rise in cases and new clients once normal high street business resumes.

It does stand to reason when you consider that Christmas and the following New Year, new start, is a sentimental time, forcing many to reminisce on their life, the year gone by and ask searching questions about the future.

It can also be a stressful time of year, especially now amidst a cost-of-living crisis, with the pressures of family arrangements, travel, and large expenditure. This can also force people who have spent a lot of time together, to question whether their relationship is something worth working at in the future.

It means that those in such a mode of thinking are more likely to investigate the possibilities of drawing a line under it and seek a divorce.

We think it is generally the case that in make-or-break situations with big events like holidays and Christmas, a life changing decision tends to become crystallised.

After all, masses of emotional investment go into holiday periods and sometimes relationships can be turned around if couples are committed to making it work.

However, that is not always possible and sometimes break-up is the only sensible step. In such cases, good law firms do their utmost to provide the best possible advice for those involved and try to find an acceptable agreement between the parties.

We hope that those finding themselves in this situation at the start of 2023, can do so amicably and ensure that even under these circumstances they get the right help to make the process of divorce as easy as possible for all involved.

If you do need help relating to any of the issues above, please do not hesitate to arrange a confidential chat with the family law team here at Dale and Newbery.

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