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Report shows concerns over rogue legal providers

Unregulated legal services providing poor service for the public is causing concern amongst many reputable legal firms, a new report has revealed.

The recent report, commissioned by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) was to get a better understanding of the unregulated legal services market, which equates to between six and eight percent of the total legal market in England and Wales.

For many years now there has been increasingly new players in the legal market, but they are not bound by the rules and regulations of traditional solicitors with many leaving customers in desperate situations.  

Wills and probate are an area of particular concern, with some of the work not up to a standard that provides reassurance for those making these vital documents.

The report showed that most unregulated services are provided to individuals and small businesses, and around a quarter of the unregulated providers are concentrated in will and estate administration areas, with family (12%) and employment (11%) work also much impacted.

The SRA report has shown that there are a number of “rogue traders” operating from time to time who delivered bad advice, took advantage of customers, and their behaviour has created a bad reputation for the market as a whole amongst some of the public.

It was also suggested in the report that providers agreed some new regulation and requirements should be created to minimise the impact of poor operators, although there was no further elaboration in what should be done.

Here at Dale & Newbery we believe there does not seem at present any likelihood that new stringent rules will be put in place to lessen the impact of those who give a poor reputation to the legal services market.

Whilst, of course, there will always be those who are poor at their jobs, we believe it is vital that the message keeps on being pushed out that a dependable SRA regulated High Street solicitor is always the best way forward for the public.

Solicitors like Dale & Newbery employ highly qualified professionals with experience, which gives peace of mind to our clients.

Also, on the rare occasion there is an issue, stringent regulation of solicitors means there is recourse should an issue arise.

In an era where we have so much choice it can be difficult for the public to make decisions about their legal providers, but ultimately legal services are an area where mistakes can be costly and hugely detrimental to people’s lives if it goes wrong.

We shall continue to push out the message that a regulated law firm with a good reputation remains the best option always.

If you wish to talk to us about any issues relating to this article, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help.